“You have something to say, and others need to hear it.” That’s what The Rev. Dr. Cheryl Kirk-Duggan said to me during my doctoral journey. Her years of EXPERIENCE and HIGH LEVEL of EXPERTISE helped me to clearly articulate my thoughts and establish a solid flow in terms of argumentation in my writing. She helped decrease my anxiety and increase my confidence. I unreservedly recommend Rev. Dr. Kirk-Duggan’s writing consulting services for anyone who needs help with critical thinking and writing skills. You will be EXPERTLY guided, with a high level of EMPATHIC care, to put forth your creative, scholarly thoughts in written form.
Shanell T. Smith, Ph.D.
Doctoral Expert & Institutional Consultant | Shanell T Smith Consulting, LLC
I have known Dr. Kirk-Duggan for nearly 20 years and she never ceases to amaze me. Her scholarship, instruction, and service enhanced our academic programs and strengthened our work with students, alumni, and the public square. Her teaching and coaching practices are simply exemplary. Dr. Kirk-Duggan brings to all pursuits a keen intellect, a driving curiosity, and a deep faith conviction; all tempered with a well-developed sense of humor and compassionate, caring nature. She is a strong academic with well-honed research skills and a penchant for clarity and cogency of expression both orally and in her writings. Time and again, her gifts as educator, scholar, and leader are evidenced by the many invitations she receives to speak around the country. She is such a talented and compassionate individual.
Rev. Dr. Bruce T. Grady, EdD
Director, NC Thrives Studio | Ormond Center at Duke Divinity School
Dr Kirk-Duggan’s class and book, Breaking Free to Write From Fear to Finish, has been the most transformative educational experience I have had in my life. It took me until I was in my doctoral studies to truly break free from the anxiety and frustration of putting my thoughts on paper for others to read.

I believe Dr. Kirk-Duggan’s approach allows for the smallest child to the oldest adult to be able to understand how to write; to understand the power of finding their voice in their writing and in their lives. She has truly revolutionized the importance of finding one’s voice. She gives her readers and students a path forward to understand how to effectively express themselves through written thought. Both her book and her classes speak to our times and the importance of using our voices to break free from the toxicity that has held us back.

Among other positive takeaways from her class and book, Dr. Kirk-Duggan has inspired me to be more confident when writing. I have learned to give myself enough time to put my thoughts together in a productive manner to produce a relevant and cohesive body of writing. She has truly found a way to put joy back into writing and learning which has given me lots of energy and enthusiasm for doing the aforementioned in the future.

Fr. Dwayne
Project Director | VBCC Youth Leadership Ambassador Program
Dr. Cheryl Kirk-Duggan is a renaissance womanist scholar, mentor, and friend. She embodies the words of encouragement as an ode of hope in a diverse, beautiful, and complex world. As a mentee, I've learned the value of addressing life as an alchemist, pursuing my dreams despite any challenges in life. There is no limit to how Dr. Kirk-Duggan will continue to impact the city, region, and the globe.
Professor Candace Laughinghouse
Child of God
There are not enough words that could describe the brilliance and gifted Dr. Cheryl Kirk-Duggan. She is a great writer that has written more books than most writers. She is thought-provoking, passionate, and a natural storyteller. Just a great teacher and has the awesome ability to inspire others to write. Professor Cheryl Kirk-Duggan has many talents and we are blessed in this United States to have a leader of her caliber among us.
Dr. Pené Woods
Chief Administrative Officer | Christian Methodist Episcopal Church
Cheryl Kirk-Duggan is a superb scholar who has made writing a vocation that gives voice to the voiceless and agency to the art of writing. As a prolific author who has penned more than 25 volumes, she is an award-winning professor, poet, and pioneer in religious studies, women’s studies, interdisciplinarity, and intersectional studies. I have witnessed the fruits of her labor and the praises of her success in helping professionals in business, professors in the classrooms, poets on stage, and preachers in the pulpit put into words on paper the beauty that is inseparable from the embodied power of their presence and platform. Kirk-Duggan is gifted and generative in her skill - let her guide you!
Dr. Stacey Floyd-Thomas
Associate Professor of Ethics and Society at Vanderbilt University Divinity School and College of Arts and Sciences and Executive Director of both the Society of Christian Ethics (SCE) and the nationally-acclaimed Black Religious Scholars Group (BRSG) and serves as co-founder of the Society for the Study of Race, Ethnicity and Religion (SRER)
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